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Upholstery Cleaning in Glencoe, MN

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Is it time for your furniture to be cleaned in Glencoe, MN? Well don’t fear! We at Brown’s Chem-Dry are experts at cleaning all types of upholstery! We have top-of-the-line equipment and products that get your furniture really clean. Its strong enough on really stubborn stains, while still being gentle enough on all types of fabrics and furniture items. On top of all that, it’s safe for your family too!

Incredible Upholstery Cleaners

Do you want your furniture to look amazing? Of course you do! So go ahead and give us a call at 320.286.5558! We will get your upholstery looking like new again! When we clean, we will use the same solution that we use on carpets--The Natural. It is an eco-friendly, green-certified, carbonating cleaning solution that will give you amazing results! It works similar to club soda, where millions of tiny bubbles go into the fibers of your upholstery to break down and lift up any dirt and grime. Dirt? Bacteria? Allergens? We’ll take care of it! You’ll be amazed once we get done with cleaning your furniture. Plus, it will stay cleaner for longer!

Deodorize and Sanitize with Our Healthy Home Package

When we come to clean, you will not only get an amazing clean, but also a sanitization that will eliminate unhealthy bacteria. This will help to reduce common allergens like: dust mites, pet dander, and much more! If your furniture smell a bit weird, our deodorizer will eliminate odors instead of masking them. Our healthy home package works on all types of furniture from: beds, mattresses, and other household furniture items. Questions? Call us today or even get a free estimate below!

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An Unbelievable Upholstery Cleaning In Glencoe

When you choose Brown’s Chem-Dry in Glencoe, you won’t regret it! We use the best equipment and products to get your furniture like new again! The Natural, our safe and non-toxic cleaning product is amazing and safe to use around kids and pets. Be sure to call us with whatever questions you may have! We’re happy to help!