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Ever walked into a house and been greeted by the pungent smell of cat urine? Let’s just’s not pleasant! If your cat has been treating your rugs and carpet as a litter box, you know all too well how bad cat pee can smell on carpet. 

cat with claws on carpet in Cokato MN

To clean up the mess, the solution is simple- PURT by Chem-Dry. We remove cat urine from carpet effectively, along with 99% of pet urine bacteria found in carpet. Booking a cleaning is sure to clean up old messes, so the next question is:

how do you stop the future ones?

Read below to find out why your cat could be urinating in the carpet instead of their litter box.

Why aren’t they using the litter box?

  There could be a serious medical issue.

Kidney stones, infections, urinary tract infections, diabetes and other conditions cause painful or frequent urination in cats. If your kitty associates pain with their litter box, they may urinate outside of it. 

Your cat is aging or has joint issues. 

Much like people, cats begin to have physical troubles as they get older. Getting in and out of their litter box may be uncomfortable! Little boxes with lower walls or a small ramp leading to the entry may solve this problem. If your cat continues to urinate on carpet EVEN with a new litter box, another issue could be at play here.

Your cat is declawed. 

When cats are declawed the whole first joint of the toe is removed. This can cause discomfort for cats that have hard litters. When urination is associated with pain, your cat isn’t going to want to use the litter box. Consider purchasing a gentle litter style instead that may be more comfortable for your cat. You can also install a kitty door for the warmer season as the grass and dirt will be more comfortable for your cat (and potentially save you a mess to clean up depending on what part of the lawn they use outside!). 

cat on carpet in Cokato MN

What can I do to stop them from peeing in the carpet?

The first thing to do if your cat begins urinating outside the litter box is to make sure the litter is being cleaned regularly. If possible, do it daily.

Consider switching up the litter box style or the litter itself. If your cat frequents another part of the house to urinate on, move the litter box to that location if it suits the style of the room. Or, schedule a professional carpet cleaning to remove past stains. Cats can smell where they went before and may pee in the same spot again. Removing urine spots with PURT will eliminate the odor so your cat can’t smell where they went before.

If your cat continues to go outside the box, it's time to visit the vet. Only a professional will know how to help your cat.

As for helping your carpet… you know who to call! We are carpet cleaning professionals that know how to remove pet urine odor for good! Cat urine is extremely pungent and the smell can last for years if not properly cleaned. Schedule today or call (320) 286-5558 to say goodbye to cat urine odors and hello to clean carpets.