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Screen time can be hard to manage these days, especially when winter break rolls around. That means more time at home and more time indoors.

parents and kids using ipads and computers in Cokato MN

Finding ways to make screen time a socially engaging time is more important than ever.

  1. Download interactive game apps. Games can be educational or recreational. Pick the two player setting so you and your child can play together!
  2. Talk about what you see! If you both are playing a more educational game (shapes, letters, reading, etc.) it is easy to discuss what your child is learning. BUT even if they are playing a racing game, or building game, or what have you- there is still a lot to discuss. Talking points can include:
    • What features you like
    • Relating content in the app to real life
    • Something that surprised you on the game
    • Describe what you see (the colors, characters, etc)
  3. Ask your child to teach you. It’s no secret that kids are becoming more and more knowledgeable when it comes to technology. Giving them the chance to explain a game to you or teach you how to design something on an app is giving them a chance to have a sense of independence. Besides they usually know more than us with that stuff anyway!
  4. Look up tutorials to teach you. There are countless simple art projects or easy sewing tutorials out there. You and your child can watch and create alongside the video together.
  5. Set up an indoor picnic. Make a special event out of movie and night. Lay out a blanket and set up a picnic to enjoy during the show.
  6. Facetime, Skype, or video call a family member or friend. Maybe someone you haven’t visited with in a while or someone who lives out of state. 
  7. Make a theme out of it. Before watching a movie make a dinner that fits the theme! Or dress up in costumes that characters in the movie would wear. 
  8. Construct a craft while you watch. Pinterest is a gold mine for movie and show themed crafts. Gather the supplies beforehand and put the project together while you watch the movie or show.

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Screen time can be productive and positive. Enjoy playing with your child atop of clean carpet this winter. Schedule with Brown's Chem-Dry today.