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Most flooring during the 1950’s were the class black and white tiles instead of carpet. Wall-to-wall flooring surfaced and was introduced in textured patterns and sculpted carpet. I Love Lucy stars, Lucille and Desi Arnaz, were shown choosing their ‘dream carpet’ in 1955 advertisements. Despite the hopes of major carpet companies, even with the influence of the Arnaz couple, wall-to-wall carpet didn’t catch on quite yet.

green shag retro carpet in Cokato MN


Big changes were underway in for 1960’s carpet trends. Carpet wasn’t seen as an out of reach luxury item like it was in the previous years. Wall-to-wall carpet began spreading. People even put carpet in their bathroom and kitchen (imagine all the skin cells and bacteria those carpets met!). Experimenting with patterns, colors and the length of carpet began. Soon the shag carpet would emerge, just in time for the 1970’s.


What a time for crazy carpeting! Neon green, hot pink, rust orange- shocking colors were put into homes across the country. Virtually all rooms, and even some walls, were covered in carpet. The shag carpet had its moment of fame as it debuted in colors like avocado green and baby pink. It moved from 100% polyester to 100% nylon, improving the look and durability.


Unfortunately, the carpet trend of wall-to-wall carpeted bathrooms continued into the 1980’s. Peach color schemes reached the home and many bathrooms were all pink, complete with wallpaper trim and floral vinyl flooring.  


Finally, homeowners start officially moving away from gaudy patterns and moving toward more conservative decorating styles. Shag was ripped up and textured carpet was put where it once was.

Family on carpet and upholstery in Cokato MN


Whether it be bold pink shag or avocado green patterned carpet, trends and styles will change, but one thing won’t; the honest and healthy values of Brown's Chem-Dry. Whatever decorating style you choose to adopt in your home, we are prepared to clean it. Regardless of what pattern or color is in style, clean carpet will always trendy.

We have enjoyed watching the carpet change over the years. Through it all we have loved providing you with effective carpet cleaning. We hope to continue making Cokato MN a healthier place with our cleaning services, and we hope fully carpeted bathrooms never come back in style.